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Unread 05-22-2010, 04:16 AM
eddy eddy is offline
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Default Periodization for bodybuilders (and not?)

Lyle's article gives very detailed information about how setting up cycles emphasising one or other qualities of the muscle (strength, myofibrillar/sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, lactate production etc.).

After a few months on a 5x5 program (and great gains strenghtwise), I found I could not advance anymore. I think I had milked linear progression far enough (see: microloading) and I was basically only able to do 5s :-)

Following Lyle's split workout design, and having no access to machines, I decided to train 4x/week with compound freeweights exercises, focusing on the 6-8 and 10-15 ranges while maintaining the others.

So, after warmup, I am doing this:
Mon: Squat
Tue: Bench
Thu: DL
Fri: Rows

Routine: sets X reps

2-3 X 3-4
3-6 X 6-8 v 10-15 LOADING
1-2 X 4-6
1 X >25

1. Do you think this makes sense?
2. When Lyle says “squat emphasis” does he also imply “light DL” and viceversa (same goes for bench emphasis)? I suppose not.
2b. If “light = no emphasis”, that would mean training each “typology” for that exercise at maintenance?

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