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Unread 05-27-2017, 10:10 AM
Dorich Dorich is offline
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Sorry for the late reply. As I mentioned earlier, I had a very bad stomach bug. Doing fine now. It probably came from contaminated strawberries. Anyway, answering BigPecsPeter regarding lifts...

When I was obese and started losing weight, I weighed 114 kg and struggled with only 55 kg as my 1RM bench press. After a while this progressed to 60 kg, 65 kg, et cetera. After a while, I had reached 82 kg as my 1RM, and weighed around 84 kg at the time. I was my strongest at this weight, but around 23-24% body fat if I recall correctly. When my weight dropped below 75 kg, my lifts started suffering significantly. I made the mistake of going extremely low carb and never doing a carb refeed, not even once. I'm pretty sure this would've made a big difference. I also didn't start logging my other lifts (only bench) until very late into my cut, pretty much towards the end. Current lifts are non-impressive to say the least, and perhaps even embarrassing, but they are much better than they were at the end of my dieting. Here are some of my current lifts:

Bench: 5x5 - 60 kg
Squat: 3x8 - 30 kg
Overhead press: 3x10 - 40 kg
Barbell row: 3x8 - 40 kg
Barbell curl: 3x12 - 24 kg
Skull-crusher: 3x12 - 22 kg

I can't deadlift due to back issues, unfortunately. Tried it different ways, but it's too risky for me.

Officially started "lean bulking" this Monday, May 22nd, after five weeks of maintenance. My weight on Monday was 66.70 kg with exactly the same skin-folds as with 61.60 kg. I don't look fatter at all, just "fuller" and healthier. It also seems like a good starting point, as 61.60 kg was somewhat considering my height. Will now aim at 1 kg weight gain per month.
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