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Unread 02-14-2018, 06:34 PM
PhysiologyIsPhun PhysiologyIsPhun is offline
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Default Anyone gone from putting weight on easy to being a "hardgainer"?

Hey guys,

I've experienced an extremely strange phenomenon within the past couple months. To spare everyone the details, I was obese nearly my whole life. Lost a bunch of weight (~60 lbs while growing 5 inches) about 7 years ago while finishing up puberty. Even after, I always found it difficult to keep my weight down and really had to control calorie intake, or I'd find myself gaining significant amounts of weight in a mere few weeks.

Even after losing all this weight, I wasn't completely satisfied with my transformation. I didn't have abs, and my body just wasn't as defined as I would have liked. Then I found this forum about 1.5 years ago. I ended up shedding another 20-30 lbs and finally having (almost) a full six pack about 7 months after finding this forum. I still found after the diet was over that I had to maintain TIGHT control over my diet, or I would start gaining significant amounts of weight. I'm talking if I was eating 2800 calories a day to slowly bulk (some calculators have that at my maintenance for my height and weight), I would gain 2-3 lbs a week AFTER the initial water weight jump. Even during these bulking phases, I was still HUNGRY. I literally think I could have been eating 10k calories a day and still wanted more.

Anyway, I basically maintained/attempted to cut (I had a really hard time dropping weight below the 170lb mark no matter how low I brought calories) for August 2017 - December 2017, basically maintaining my weight despite eating what I'd say were quite low calories for my bodyweight (averaging 13k calories a week at 170 lbs). I couldn't bring myself to put calories any lower, so I decided I would try to slowly bring calories back up to what I thought my maintenance should be (2300-2500 calories a day). During this entire process of bringing calories up, I was even hungrier than when I was dieting (this seems to be a common trend reading around these forums). But the strangest thing has happened now. I'm finally hitting 2500 calories on training days and 2000-2300 on off days, and I've been maintaining/losing a bit of weight. Not only that, but I'm actually having an extremely difficult time managing to eat 2500 calories in a day. I seriously feel stuffed after consuming a 200-400 calorie "meal", and anything beyond that is nearly impossible. If I'm not actively trying to make sure I space meals out throughout the day, I end up eating significantly below maintenance and have to try to just show a bunch of calories in at the end of the day, which is always miserable.

This is just extremely strange to me, because I've always been the guy jealous of people who say they eat and eat and eat and can't gain any weight. Anyone have any ideas on what could have caused this? I'm not even sure I'm necessarily mad about it (yet), but it's just super bizarre. Wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar.
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