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Unread 06-16-2017, 09:17 AM
militarypress militarypress is offline
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Default Gymnastics, Refeeds and Performance Dependent on Bodyweight

In short:

I want to minimise weight gain during the power workout. In addition to keeping salt (and perhaps water?) low, what would be the absolute minimum amount of carbs during the UD2 refeed for a 26y.o male @ 205lbs, 5'11 with about 175 of LBM (I guess) to avoid bodyweight regulation hormone problems while dropping fat below 15% BF? (My goal is to get to around 180lbs, gaining/maintaining absolute strength while losing fat and potentially muscle, if that's even possible, to increase sterngth relative to bodyweight.)

Background Info:

I stopped lifting 5-6 years ago and started training exclusively for gymnastics. I used to use UD2 to get shredded and could maintain strength while getting shredded to like 8% I never cared about scale weight before. Now at 205lbs at about 15% BF though I want to drop fat and weight to increase performance as I am about 20-25lbs above what I would consider optimal.

Being around 185lbs at my current level of strength would bolster my relative strength considerably. 5lbs gain or loss I notice a huge difference in relative strength due to the leverage multiplying intensity of bodyweight in gymnastics/bodyweight exercises.

Technical work for specific skills is fine any day as it doesn't require a great deal of effort and is mainly balance/technique really although you could call it light cardio. I'll just fit this in where ever, probably along with mobility on the depletion days.

My issue is of bodyweight. I did UD2 last week and manipulated exercise variations/progression to give me tension, depletion, power ranges. I definitely depleted myself and supercompensation was definitely there as I know the feeling well (I dislike being full like this to be honest as I feel less flexible). I lost some fat and I look bigger and fuller, slightly leaner.

You may be thinking: whats the problem? Well, I am now 210lbs 2 days after going back to maintenance and its dropping every day but during my power workout I had to use less advanced progressions as my weight on the saturday was 222lbs. 17lbs higher than normal. I did consume a lot of salt and water too though.

It is mentally frustrating as although I know I probably gained absolute strength, relative strength in terms of my bodyweight was slightly lower due to a higher weight.

I have no interest in muscle gain and if anything would like to lose muscle while gaining strength (although I know that is likely impossible so Id be happy with fat loss and strength gain with low muscle gain).

I want to do this particular diet as I've never been able to go below 13-14% without ending up starving, getting depression, anxiety and incurable insomnia, unable to have sex.... not fun. I have stuck it out to 11-12% before ending up waking up in the middle of the night and eating everything in sight in a powerless trance. I have poor genetics for fat loss I think however muscle gain is easy - too easy in fact.

If my goals here are out of the scope of UD2, could anyone suggest another approach to avoid the issues I described above without too much weight gain after refeeds?

dunno if the below may be useful, probably not needed for what I'm asking

Example Full body conditioning would be something like:

A1: 5x10s Static Hold 'Push' (eg. Planche, Iron Cross on rings etc.)
A2: 5x10r Middle Split Extreme ROM Exercises (Closest thing would be sumo squats)

B1: 5x5r Dynamic Push (eg. Handstand Push Ups)
B2: 5x10s Static Hold Pull (eg. Front or Back Lever)

C1: 5x5r Dynamic Pull or Pull&Push (eg. L-Sit Muscle Ups)
C2: 5x5r Back Limber - closest thing a deadlift minus upper body component (tested deadlift a while ago and could do 5 plates a side, up from 4 plates several years ago - with no DL training. I put it down to backlimbers & back/front levers so I'd say this is coupled with front levers for the upper body component is somewhat comparable to a bodyweight version of a deadlift with an added active thoracic flexibility component

D1: 5x10s Static Core Exercise (L-Sits, V-Sits, Straddle-L etc.)
D2: 5x5r Straight Arm Dynamic Pushing (L-Sit Press to Handstand etc.)

Straddle-Lever, Side Lever, Single Leg Squats, Shoulder Dislocates w/ Barbell, plyometric stuff like box jumps, hanging leg lifts also done at the end based on how much energy I have left. Also a lot of mobility stuff done with weights at about 10 reps.

I can manipulate leverage with each exercise using a lesser advanced progression to account for:
depletion @ 12x15-20reps or 12-15x45-60s,
tension @ 3x6-8reps or 5x20-30s and
power @ 5x3-5reps or 5x5-10s.

I would mix up depletion to include the mobility but at 15reps instead of 10 as currently my strength workouts (done 2-4x/week based on feeling) take too long anyway when I do the mobility after.

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