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Unread 08-22-2016, 10:45 AM
Joshua20161 Joshua20161 is offline
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Default How to fill in SFP2.0 in my schedule

Last 3 weeks of cutting and still have some fat around my belly... Every year this is the same and I'm sick of it! For the moment I train 4 times a week (Push/Pull/Legs/Upper), after each training I do 20-30 minutes of walking on a hill. Strength is not decreasing what is a good point but I want to try the protocol of Lyle his book. I would use the protocol SFP2.0 on a rest day (fasted) and 1 time after my legs. But can I still do some cardio after my other workouts? I guess weight training will stay the same (just a lower volume on my leg workout because of the protocol)? Don't find the information in the book about this but in his articles he mentioned that weight on the bar should stay the same and for the moment this works perfect.

MON: Pushday + LISS 20 minutes walking on a hill
TUE: day off
WED: Pullday + LISS 20 minutes walking on a hill
THUR: Legs + SFP2.0
FRI: day off
Sat: Upper + LISS 20 minutes walking on a hill
SUN: Fasted SFP2.0
MON: day off
TUE: start again with day 1..

Please your opinion

***First time that I follow Lyle his guidelines about nutrition & training and first time that I doesn't lose muscle mass! Previous years I trained every day, sometimes 2 times per day and yes I was shredded but lost >2kg muscle mass, I'm cutting now and had a DEXA before and 3 days ago and muscle mass was +0,1 ***
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