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Unread 04-17-2015, 01:40 AM
BlueBerryPie BlueBerryPie is offline
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Default Prevent muscle spasms during final (pre-carb) workout?

Hi there.

I am approaching my fourth week of UD2.0. Previously I had followed CKD.

I have tried both the 7 and 8 day versions of UD2.0. I do the suggested cardio sessions. I usually arrange to have squash game or similar cardio activity (e.g. basketball, etc) in the morning of my tension/carb load day, with a four hour minimum time between this cardio and my tension workout.

I have noticed that as I near the end of my tension activity my muscles seem to be hyper-contractile. My calfs, in particular, have proven quite troublesome. I usually have some form of glucose/whey immediately following my final set/rep. The stairs and walk home from the gym (10 minutes) have proven to be a struggle as I know my legs are trying to seize up. I literally have to take small steps, having collapsed to the ground with a seized calf muscle once when I tried to "walk it off" I had to struggle to get back on my feet to lean at the correct angle to stretch it out of its sustained contraction. Quite painful.

I figured the fatigue/spasms were exacerbated by the low blood salts/minerals as I near the carb load, so I take generous servings of lite salt (KCl/NaCl mix), and supplementing Exact brand calcium and magnesium (333/167 mg respectively) twice daily.

Any suggestions as to how to offset such spasming? What is the most likely source (e.g. KCl? Mg?) of the imbalance? In the past, while following CKD, I noticed that the longer I stay in ketosis, the more likely such spasming would occur following cardio. I have tried searching the literature regarding likely mineral sources, and seeing very mixed reports, although most experts mention KCl and MgCl. I am a little hesitant to try experimenting with any one mineral as exceeding the physiologically-stable concentration can offset other minerals (e.g. kidneys may evacuate a salt/mineral to try to maintain balance).

Any advice/suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, BBP
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Unread 04-17-2015, 08:12 AM
farrenator farrenator is offline
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When I was playing sports coach would always mention potassium and recommend bananas. Maybe look for a different source.
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Unread 04-22-2015, 06:50 AM
lookatmykwok lookatmykwok is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
Posts: 37

i used potassium gluconate.
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Unread 04-22-2015, 07:51 AM
sleeperv8cr sleeperv8cr is offline
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I add 1/4 tsp of Mortons "lite" salt into my water couple times a day... mix of potassium and sodium. helped me.
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Unread 05-09-2015, 12:12 AM
x-evil-x x-evil-x is offline
Join Date: Feb 2015
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a little sodium always seems to help with cramps. don't be scared of it.
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