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Unread 05-18-2014, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Average Dude View Post
When determining the beginner level why is the amount of consistent training used, generally, to determine beginner status. Also, when the term beginner is used wont someone who has been working out consistently on some non-existent program with terrible form couldn't they be considered beginners, and couldn't they presumably obtain beginner gains from doing proper exercise and form.

Is it all subjective to the way in which the term beginner is being used?
No. Beginner is relative to PROPER training. 10 years training like an idiot can still leave someone relatively a beginner.


Another question, when you say that some studies have shown 3x per week is optimal for training frequency, I am assuming, based on everything I have read on your articles, this study was done on a full body routine, so it is basically the same muscle groups three times a week.
Frequency is per muscle group. So 3X/week is training the same muscle 3X/week.

Also when they say week, is this every 8 days, or is it referring to the general Monday-Friday week. If it is M-F then will then maybe the research found that leaving the Tuesday and Thursday gaps as rest provided optimal results. Hence doing a program with enough rest will produce the best results for beginners?
It's a work week. Mon-Sun. Right or wrong it's the schedule most people train on and that's what's tested. Terms are not being redefined in some goofy fashion.
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Unread 05-19-2014, 09:37 PM
Average Dude Average Dude is offline
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Today I found out categories of weight training went all the way up to 8! Yesterday I tried finding 4, but I guess you took it down to edit, haha.

Anyways when looking at beginning weight training where does "Categories of Weight Training" fall in. I saw your final piece on strength:

Intensity (%1RM): 85-100% (with some variety)
Rep Range: 1-5 reps/set
Rest between sets: 1-2 minutes+
Total volume per workout: Massively variable
Frequency: Heavy twice/week, higher frequencies with submaximal loads
Exercise selection: Some specificity is required
Exercises per muscle group: 1-2 primary movements per workoiut heavy, everything else moderate or light
Failure or not: Depends on goals.

From the information I gathered these articles are beyond the Beginner? It seems like it would be hard to do a three time a week cycle on this. I just started starting strength as suggested by practical programing which was featured in this both article series'. And I was thinking of possible ways to combine the two since, based off of what I have read, SS is directed towards a strength sport. But I guess a good foundation of this would be good for a mixed sport, ie. rugby.

Everything mentioned in categories of weight training reminds me of the program I followed my first 2 consistent months of training, before I switched to Starting Strength today. Switched to it after deciding I would rather get my shot at playing a sport, for the first time in my life, in my last 2 years of college than care about looking good with hypertrophy training, but I digress. Basically it had most everything you talked about in it, but this is post for the general section, or maybe the categories of training section.
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Unread 09-16-2014, 09:20 PM
intensetrainboy intensetrainboy is offline
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for someone coming from a layoff backing up the weights and form, like me, using the Barbell routine with the Deadlifts going for 3x8-10 seem very destructive. I'm getting currently 200 lbs with proper form and some reps before failure, for 5.
Do you think it would be wiser to set the DL to 2x5 or maybe 1x5?

"One could easily set up a more ‘balanced’ routine with more movements as well (e.g. squat, deadlift/shrug, flat bench, rowing, overhead press, chin up/pulldown, abs)."
So, when should the rowing be added together with the chin up/ pulldown?
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