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Unread 10-20-2017, 10:16 AM is offline
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Lightbulb Refeed Time - New Studies ?

are there new approaches for the refeed time ?
I think 1.5 - 2 days for 12-16g/kg lbm might be abit too much ?

This could result in a yoyo-effect ?

I talk about this in lyle`s book:

Several years ago, when I first started making some of the connections between leptin and
everything else, this really pointed out the need to do periodic refeeds (or cheat days or whatever
you want to call them) on a diet. I think it explains part of why people got better results with the
Bodyopus diet: it wasn't the ketogenic phase so much as the two day carb-load which refilled
muscle glycogen, maybe instilled an anabolic response, and helped to reverse some of the
adaptations inherent to dieting.
Since the Bodyopus days, a number of approaches have come and gone. In general, short
refeeds, lasting from 5 to 24 hours done anywhere from once per week to every other day
(depending on such variables as bodyfat percentage and how hard you're dieting) while dieting
have been used. I've tried them all with varying degrees of success.
One of the factors I've been considering lately has to do with the duration of the overfeeding
period. While it's true that 5 (or 12 or 24) hours of concentrated overfeeding will raise leptin, the
more important question is whether that's sufficient to "tell" the brain that you're fed. While data
(especially in humans) is nonexistent, my hunch is that it is not.
My basic reasoning is this: there's a lag time of several days between the drop in leptin and
the drop in metabolic rate (nervous system output) for example; I'd be surprised if a mere 12 or
24 hours was sufficient to reverse this. Rather, I'd expect it to take a similar amount of time for
the reversal to occur. The more extended logic of my reasoning is beyond what I want to put in
this book, email me if you must know.
Now, this isn't to say that short carb-loads/refeeds aren't of benefit. They refill glycogen,
turn off catabolism briefly and maybe induce an anabolic response to boot. They also let you eat
some of the crap you're really craving which helps psychologically. But I doubt they are
sufficient to affect metabolism very much. Instead, a longer refeed is most likely necessary. The
drawback, of course, is that longer refeeds have a tendency to put too much bodyfat back on
which goes against the entire goal of dieting.
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