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Unread 03-31-2014, 07:04 PM
WannaLoseFat WannaLoseFat is offline
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Yeah I saw the price of the Body Fortress, tried it once (chocolate IIRC) and didn't like the taste either.

I went back to buying the Six Star Elite Series at Wal Mart which is a few bucks more (~$19 for 2 lbs which is 19 servings of 30g =~ $1.00 per 30g serving of protein). All of their flavors taste great, especially in milk, the Cookies and Cream being my favorite. They still taste OK (not great) in water, but I suppose that goes for any protein powder.

However seeing as how I am on Cat. 1 RFL and LBM of 158 lbs * 1.5 g/LBM = 240g per day of protein, this is getting expensive. I buy one 2lb tub a week. I actually started eating more pork chops and chicken breast lately, because they are actually less $ per serving of protien (I buy in bulk and freeze when on sale, grill off a big batch on weekend and eat all week), and in the case of the chicken breast, less cal/protein also! But you can't eat all that protein in a day, so I eat as much as I can and supp maybe 2-3 of my 6 "meals" per day with powder.

So, point being, still looking for the cheapest possible source of whey powder that tastes decent (or preferably, good ). I will look into some of the suggestions here, but welcome to others. I belong to Sam's and there are Wal Marts close to me, but not a member of Costco. I can order online of course, and would be willing to make a large order (5-6 or maybe even 10#) if it would save me money in the long run. I would just like to be sure before ordering that much that the stuff tastes good though first, and doesn't have a lot of crap in it.

Incidentally, I heard/read somewhere that Muscle Milk has a lot of crap (sugar, etc?) in it? Is that old news? I haven't read one of their labels lately.
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