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Unread 03-10-2018, 07:47 AM
krk24 krk24 is offline
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Default How important is muscle protein synthesis when cutting?

We know protein, and a considerable amount of it, is important for preserving muscle mass when cutting. Experts such as Lyle and Eric Helms go with roughly a max recommendation of 1.5g per pound of lean body mass.

From what we know about muscle protein synthesis, leucine is a key component. Research findings see to suggest on average 2-3g of leucine is required to maximise protein synthesis and muscle growth.

In my non-expert understanding, the recommendations for protein of 1.5g per pound of LBM donít correlate with the above leucine findings.
There is a refractory period where by after MPS has spiked, adding more protein doesnít equate a max spike.

For someone of 160lbs LBM thatís 240g of protein.
Depending on the source/amino acid quality of that protein, youíre looking at around 20-40g of protein per serving to get the max response so far as leucine.
240 devided by 7 is 34g of protein. So as an example, this person would be having 7, 34g meals.
Assuming they got up at a normal time of day, the refractory period of 3-5 hours isnít going to give you enough time to utilize 240g so far as MPS is concerned.

Iím wondering what purpose these higher protein requirements such as 1.5g serve, considering the above.
Not that Iím saying theyíre wrong, as Iím not knowledgable enoguh on the matter to comment.
I just want to learn more about why they are recommended.
I read Eric Helmsí paper but still didnít quite understand why recommendations this high existed.
As far as Iím aware, there is evidence to suggest that smaller amounts of protein ingested within the refractory period have benefits, but even so I think the point stands.

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Unread 03-10-2018, 08:05 AM
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zLeeKo zLeeKo is offline
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Man, if only someone would write a book about protein and protein/amino acid requirements during dieting. Oh wait..
"He never had the makings of a varsity athlete"
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Unread 03-10-2018, 08:06 AM
lylemcdonald lylemcdonald is offline
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MPS is important, 1.5 g/lb LBM is more than fine
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Unread 03-14-2018, 08:06 AM
krk24 krk24 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 50

Fair enough, thanks guys.
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