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Unread 02-15-2019, 02:14 PM
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Default Workout question

I am planning on doing RFL for 11 days, followed by a two higher carb days(not quite UD2 level refeed but a little above maintenance) and then back to maintenance. I am either lower end cat2 or high end cat1, and I have been eating at a slight surplus/around maintenance the last while.

I know I should probably stick to the workout given, and I might do so…..
But,I was thinking that I could do something closer to my usual workouts:

*Note that I will not be pushing for prs, I will be using weights that I am comfortable at with these reps/could do a rep or two more on some.
I also won't be doing the tri-sets as quickly as I normally would, I just hate wasting time and sitting around in the gym.*


Power Clean and front squat (pretty light, mostly just a warmup for deadlifts)
x a couple sets of 3's, working my way up to a couple sets of 2 or 3 done almost as singles (ie with a few seconds of time taken to reset and prepare between reps)

Deadlift 4x4 (about 3-4 minutes rest between sets)

(Pullups/pulldown x4
Strict oh press x4
Barbell ab rollout with pause x6) (2-3 minutes rest between tri-sets)


Squat 4x4 (about 3-4 minutes rest between sets)

(Db bench press x4
One arm db row 2x4
Pallof press 2x6) (2-3 minutes rest between tri-sets)

So I was thinking that I do three workouts during the 11 day period with a fourth on the first refeed day,(ABAB, with two or three days in between, and no cardio) and then having three days (one higher carb, two at maintenance) I could resume almost normal workouts the next week (lowered volume and less or no conditioning) and be fully back the week after.

I would appreciate any opinions on whether this is alright, or am I just trying to customise something that shouldn't be messed with
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