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Unread 12-03-2008, 03:58 AM
Espi Espi is offline
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What you describe sounds like cow milk allergy, but if it happens to your daughter, this doesn't mean YOU are allergic!

I happen to have a mild dairy allergy and hence avoid dairy most of the time. If that wouldn't be the case, I'd be ALL over the dairy and dairy-based PP.
You are really short-changing yourself by denying yourself one of the most anabolic & cheapest sources of protein in your diet.
Besides.. I've read enough Paleo literature to know that most do not see 'dairy' as evil. That's just taking things too far and goes into the realm of raw-foodist culture.

In case you're really interested in Paleo-diets, go & read Anthony Colpo's thoughts on this.. either on his forum or his diet e-book (nope, you need to buy it).
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Burgener: "There's no overtraining, only underrecovery" --> sleep, rest & recover
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