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Unread 02-15-2009, 08:05 PM
Persianlady Persianlady is offline
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Originally Posted by kfisherx View Post
Okay just for you.

This is the result of just this bulk. I have either gained 3lbs of LBM or around 7. Of course I am saying and praying for 7. I used an Ormron when I did my last cut so am not sure of the bf%. Now I am more sure of the bf% from using skindex calipers in the hands of a very capable trainer. He says it is reading me at 20% but his eye tells him I am closer to 18%. So that is where the guessing comes in from this game. There is a lot of room for error.

I am actually surprised to hear Lyle make claims of not losing any bf% on his bbing clients because to my knowledge there just isn't any way to get that accurate with your bf% measurements. I know I did lose LBM on my first cut because I lost a lot of strength. I could also see in the mirror the difference from 122lbs down to 118 and it was not favorable. I supose if you use strength as a guage that you can make the claim with some degree of certainty.

Keep in mind I am new to all of this. I am 45-years-old and this is my second bulk in just a year's time. I started lifting weights Jan 08 only. I can see and feel the difference in my lats, glutes and quads this time. I keep a log on the JP Fitness forum if you want to dig for the whole mess of pictures and results. What is most amazing to me in this game is how bloody much work it is for even just 1lb of LBM.
yea, prob closer to 18% but what do I know? I just feel 20% you would look softer, and you are still showing good muscle tone.
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Unread 02-15-2009, 08:15 PM
kfisherx kfisherx is offline
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Originally Posted by Persianlady View Post
yea, prob closer to 18% but what do I know? I just feel 20% you would look softer, and you are still showing good muscle tone.
At these higher bf% numbers there really is such a negligable difference between 18 and 20% that you prollly would not catch it on a non-pro photo. That is something that people really don't seem to get so much on the interweb. So much energy spent on wondering between a few percent. It ain't like this giant difference at these levels. (If I was closer to 10% then the difference would be easier to see) I believe I could easily go up another 2% bf and I would not look significantly softer than this. It is all just a bunch of guessing near as I can tell and your best bet is to use your own mirror (experts if you have 'em) and the clothing that you have to help you guess if you are gaining cleanly or not.

If your goal is to know what exact bf% you are right now, I have to say, "Who cares?" Just take what you got now and make it better the way you want it to go without worrying so much if you are 18 or 20 or 22 even.

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