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Unread 06-13-2018, 07:19 AM
yupisaidit yupisaidit is offline
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Default 40 F // 129 by 8/15

Hi everyone. I’m back. (Last thread here:

I started this year at 162.5 and made my way down to 139.5 through some strict and flexible dieting principles (Keto, IF, longer fasting) and breaks. And in fact, my last break started around the end of April and I woke up and it’s already June and I’m up to 145.5. So, gained 6 lbs.

My goal has been 125 for awhile, so 20 pounds from where I sit now. Based on the progress I made from January to February, where I was pretty strict with Keto, I think that’s easily doable within the year. I just need to find the right mix of strict and flex to keep my progress going and not go substantially backwards.

I have a small vacation coming up on July 2nd so I’m going to use the next 3 weeks as a time to really double down on my weight loss. I’ll use my vacation as a slight break and then get back on a 3 week plan again. I think doing a 3:1 mix of strict:break will help me not go too off the rails during my break AND help me in aggregate have more days of diet all together.

Mentally, I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety and some mild depression. I see a therapist and I’ve tried antidepressants before, but they didn’t work for me (and actually when I went on Zoloft is when I went from the 140s to the 170s for the first time in my life when not pregnant). So I’m also going to use the next few weeks to cut all alcohol out of my diet and do something each day that has some kind of mental health benefit: either a hypnosis app or a meditation app or ?

I do exercise and will keep that up, but may try and mix up my workouts and try some new things as I’ve been in the same kind of CrossFit gym for awhile and while I feel strong could probably benefit from a change.

I’m going to post my short term plan and goals for the next few weeks in another post.
Category: II
Workout: 3 times a week -- Lifting + cross training

Stats: Female, 40, 5'7
2018 Starting weight: 162.5
Ultimate goal: 125

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