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Unread 01-31-2014, 07:52 PM
rhwbullhead rhwbullhead is offline
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The last few posts really made me happy and probably is gonna cost my local buffets a lot of money over the next year. I tried to justify my buffet habits in the past by hoping that I was replenishing glycogen stores with the extra protein and it's good to get a confirmation that it can indeed work.

This just makes me eat the less fatty sashimi like mackerel in favor or the more protein dense selections: today, the available selections were tuna, yellowtail, and red snapper sashimi and raw clams. There were cooled snails but those taste too rubbery for my tastes. Furthermore, knowing that there is some theoretical basis to what I'm doing makes me less likely to want to mess it up by indulging in ice cream or other fat laden stuff at the buffet.

My first attempt had me eating more fruit and some regular sushi rolls with rice because I started to get sick of the taste of the pure fish and raw clams. I had punched in all my stuff into fitday thinking I was going to eat 5 lbs of sashimi but it turns out to be less palatable in practice.

I'll be experimenting all year to carb load before my long runs with large amounts of protein vs mostly carbs vs mix just to play around, and to satisfy my urges to binge.

To Bacfa, I've successfully done eating challenges as well, and I have pics of an easy one in my log, but I have to agree with Lyle that it would likely be impossible with just pure protein . I could see it maybe possible with tag along fats or carbs to make it more palatable but pure protein, maybe chugging down whey isolate in water could be the only remote possibility, IMHO.

Pic imbeded in post below of my many future protein loads are going to consist of:
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