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Unread 08-14-2008, 08:44 PM
rpen22 rpen22 is offline
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Default Targeted CKD for Fat Loss?

I've started a TKD recently(after a 3-4 week SKD) and was wondering if I could get some feedback. I'm a steroid-free bodybuilder that trains 6 days per week(along with 5-6 days of 30' low-intensity cardio), and I was wondering if I could pull off a weekly refeed while cutting(and which guidelines I would follow). I own most of Lyle's books, so if you'd like to have me refer to certain pages for specific guidelines instead of typing them out, that's fine.

Since I won't be using any androgens, I figured it would help me hold onto more muscle and help me keep up my workout intensity/weights. I'd also appreciate any feedback on my current TKD plan in general(below).

Body Weight = ~195 pounds
Height = 5'8"
Waist = ~33 inches
Estimated BF% (from an online calculator recommended by Lyle) = ~11%

Total grams (F/C/P): 148/50/193
=2304 total kcal

Meal 1--- 5 Whole Eggs, 5 pieces Bacon- (37.5/5/40)
Meal 2--- 1.5 scoops Isopure, 5T Heavy Cream, 1T MCT Oil- (40/0/37)
Meal 3--- 5oz Canned Tuna, 3T Mayo- (35.5/0/35)
30' PreWO--- 1 scoop WPI, Dextrose/Maltodextrin(24 Sweet Tarts, 1 roll Smarties)- (0/45/27)
PWO--- 1 scoop WPI- (0/0/27)
Meal 6--- 4oz 85% Ground Beef, 1 slice Cheddar Cheese, 10g Fish Oil caps-(35/0/27)

I'm using a sugar-free fiber supplement with meals 1 and 6, eating a small salad(with 1T red wine vinegar) with 1-2 meals, along with some celery with meal 3. These calories have not been factored into the totals yet. Current fat loss aids include ECA, l-Tyrosine, and sometimes Yohimbine HCl as well.

Thanks for any advice. I know I'm new here, but I'm not new to dieting(just this style).

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