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Unread 02-01-2018, 09:41 AM
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zLeeKo zLeeKo is offline
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How to get big as intermediate:

1. Lift the thing
2. Lower the thing
3. Repeat 5-15 times
4. Do again in 3-5 days
5. Add weight to the thing
6. Go to 1
"He never had the makings of a varsity athlete"
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Unread 02-01-2018, 09:59 AM
jimike jimike is offline
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Not really. I'll do it for a month to six weeks when losing weight in a very sizeable deficit as it seems decent for that but going forward I am going to do something much higher volume when not dieting for sure.
I didn't progress beyond my current numbers on RPT in the past so I won't be doing it again as a bulking routine but yeah I was curious what people thought. Kill me :-)
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Unread 02-21-2018, 12:59 PM
Roger Shredderer Roger Shredderer is offline
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Has anyone in this thread even looked at the link OP gave?

It ticks all the boxes in terms of volume, intensity and frequency - 6 sets of bench, 3 for OHP, 6 for squats, 2 for DL, 6 sets of rows and 3 sets of chins. So while not overly voluminous, the intensity compensates for that. Training to failure is done in higher rep ranges (8+), which doesn't burn you out as much and is required to activate all muscle fibers.

So the bulking version has around 8 sets for legs, 9 for push, 9 for pull per week. I don't see a reason why it couldn't work, especially if the sets are close to failure.

Maybe add some extra hamstring work for squat day and some leg work in general, otherwise it's a decent set-up. Or you could just keep it away from failure and add some more volume to compensate, doesn't really make a difference.

You just have to run a program for a while, note your experiences and modify it according to your needs as you progress further. Which probably means higher volumes over time, especially for lagging body parts.
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Unread 02-21-2018, 06:10 PM
lylemcdonald lylemcdonald is offline
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No, Roger, of course not. Nobody here has any clue what Martikn's magic reverse pyramid training is. Nobody.
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