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Unread 06-22-2015, 10:56 AM
warenm warenm is offline
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Default New Refeed Guidelines


In your interview with Sigma Nutrition a few months back, you said that you no longer believe that short refeeds help with fat loss. Here is the excerpt what I'm referencing from the interview:

"And way back in the day I was a little bit more enthusiastic about short
refeeds, although the first time I wrote about them, I even said not 100%
sure that this is having a big-time effect and I'm now way more convinced
that short refeeds and by short I mean five hours to one day, probably
aren't doing much. There is an acute increase in energy expenditure but
it's just carbs raising energy expenditure directly but as far as the central
and leptin adaptations and I base it on this fact, even with total starvation
despite the claims that missing a meal puts you in fat storage mode
which is BS."

You go on to say that you now lean more towards longer refeeds like in UD2. Again, the excerpt from your interview:

"Like I suspect it takes a longer time period and I actually took advantage of this in my Ultimate Diet 2.0 book. I was like: okay, I kept the dieting
phase to 4 days. Just long enough to get some good fat loss but really
without slowing the metabolic rate and then I put it in like a two and a
half-, three-day refeed to sort of reverse leptin and reverse the
adaptations to some degree. Right you’re never going to prevent the
body fat loss issue but at least by cycling calories you’re doing that. So my
gut says that short refeeds like five hours to a day are great for
psychology, they refill muscle glycogen, they let you eat some food that
you would like to eat, they help the person get carbs which helps with
training intensity. I doubt it's really reversing any of the long
term adaptations. I think that takes at least three days.

My question is, what guidelines do you suggest for these refeeds? If you are not doing UD2 but are following the principles of Flexible Dieting, how should we structure our refeeds?

Thanks for your input.
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