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Unread 03-27-2012, 12:10 PM
sinabang sinabang is offline
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Default post-depletion: soreness vs. weakness

So this might be kind of a weird and somewhat stupid question. My friend and I are both doing the UD2 and are currently on the 4th week (he's a beginner, this is my 5th cycle after 1.5-2 yrs). He feels really weak come Wednesday and says he regularly feels braindead. Myself on the other hand feel sore, but don't really feel fatigued/braindead until the very last hours of Thursday before the tension workout. We both are timing our lifts to be 45-60 s per set and we attempt to do 60% of our max weight (at least for the first couple sets :P). He's also a "hardgainer" and was trying to pack on mass before UD2, while I'm the opposite and was maintaining prior.

so my question is how long does it usually take for someone to adjust to the diet? He was eating a lot of cals/carbs beforehand (tall guy but skinny-therefore wanted to pack on mass), and he still hasn't settled in, where as after the first week, I stopped getting fatigued. I know the answer probably has a lot to do with individual variables, but if anyone can give any personal experience or suggestions it'd be greatly appreciated. ty!
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Unread 03-28-2012, 04:02 PM
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I've found Headaches= Carbs/EFA's too low. excessive soreness = Protein too low.

I'd say tell him to have a look and make sure he is getting enough of each and taking his multi-v's and EFA's.

A few times I've skipped on my breakfast (Whole wheat toast, cheese + ham) and had massive headaches around 11am just from not having that 20g of carbs in the bread. I hardly ever miss breakfast now and its amazing how much that little bit of carbs clears your mind. I've also skipped out on protein and found that the next day I feel weak and sore.

In the start I tried to 'speed it up' by cutting more calories, carbs, and protein but there is a reason the numbers are where they are. We are trying to strip fat while maintaining/gaining muscle so it is worth is sacrificing potential speed for quality.
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