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Unread 01-20-2019, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by lylemcdonald View Post
I just finished the new God of War. Game of the year my butt. Completely overrated. It was tedious dad lectures, one big boss battle with the SAME GUY twice, never got to kill anybody real, the final 'ending' is a 20 minute exposition scene to seeing Thor and the game ends.

I went through the last fetch quest for the super armor thinking I needed to buff up for some major big bad. But the only truly hard battle in this game was the fight against boredom to finish it. I got to the end solely out of spite.

Endless fetch questing, even the fight system wasn't as good. I am not memorizing a billion button presses for two weapons, give me 4 weapons with the same button presses. Battles were either trivially easy or completely impossible.

If I wanted to learn about Norse Mythology, I'd read a book. If I awnted to watch a cutscene movie, I'd watch a movie. Somehow hte old series managed to push thes tory along with short tight cutscenes and enough stories. And had real battles. Kill Aries, Athena, Zeus, etc.

Who the hell is Baldur? Why don't I even SEE Odin? Or get to put an axe in his head.

And oh, the big 'twist' that the kid is Loki? Ok great. Zero impact on the game. H never showed an onuce of trickster behavior and it was a pointless reveal with no impact on anything.

Kid is Loki
Game ends.


The combat is clunky and dull, where you have very limited weapons and fight repetitive enemy types numerous times. You mainly use one weapon, and it gets really, really old to slash enemies with it, throw it, and do the same finishing moves over and over again. The boss fights aren't that great or exciting, either.

I am just so disappointed by this game, and do not understand the hype, at all.

Difficulty wise, easy/normal are for kids, but if you play at hard, there's no change to enemy behavior or anything else they promised, but they just send you 10 times the number of enemies and they have 10 times the health. It's the cheapest way possible to increase difficulty, leading to pointless frustration. Basically just a matter of luck and being fast enough in mashing buttons.

And Jesus Christ, that story - yeah I was not expecting a GREAT story from a game where the protagonist just rips open heads and bangs chicks with quick-time events, but they could have at least tried....
"He never had the makings of a varsity athlete"
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Unread 01-20-2019, 12:18 PM
lylemcdonald lylemcdonald is offline
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Once I got poered up enough, any non-impossible battle was won like this

Use Atreus' special bow attack (I kept with wolves)
Light runic
Heavy runic
Light light light heavy
spam arrows the entire time
use runis and specials when they recharge

Anything beyond that was unwinnable, I'm looking at your valkyrie fights.

I never did figure out most of the 'rpg' elements. I don't know what the luck or runic stats are. I simply put everything into tanking, if it wasn't combat or defense, I didn't bother with it. I had endless items like gems or whatever in my inventory and never found a thing to do with them. What does +3 to luck mean, what is a low probability of a perk? Don't care, +5 to murdering stuff.

The dwarves got old fast. Do I need to hear one throwing up most of the time?

I gave up on the Valkyrie fights. Non dodgeable non blockable one kill enemies aren't worth the energy as a fetch quest.

All of the stupid collectibles, I am not scouring every mm of this open world nonsense for stuff that doesn't matter. And I've found all the Riddler trophies across 4 Arkhman games multiple times. I'm not backtracking because now I have the axes of fire or bow of light or some nonsense. I gave up on the rune chests early on, increaing my health wasn't worth the headache.

Why did they only make 4 realms available? One was a bonus realm I guess and I never bothered to go check it out. I couldn't be bothered.

So that's 5 realms left, you don't meet or get to kill a single meaningful Norse god, the story is tedious and boring, the last big bad fight with Baldur is half quick time and the only interesting mechanic is switching back frmo fire and ice weapons.

And, for god's sake, a God of War game is not a God of War game without a quicktime sex game.
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Unread 01-20-2019, 04:40 PM
w1cked w1cked is offline
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Too much work. Amc moviepass ftw for being lazy and escapist.
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