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Unread 06-07-2018, 10:03 AM
jimike jimike is offline
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Default Intuitive / Self-regulated diet log

Hi all,

I'm going to go on a short cut to get rid of a little bit of fluff for 5-6 weeks or thereabouts this log will detail my strategy and progress.

My main stats are:

BP: ~120kg
Lowbar SQ: ~160kg
DL: approx 200kg although I don't push myself due to form concerns. I'll likely switch to romanian deadlifts soon as my hip hinge movement.
OHP: ~75kg
Chin up is 94kg bodyweight plus 30kg for 5RM-6RM

38 years old male, 6 ft, 94kg in morning weigh in roughly fairly consistently.

My current body fat percentage is essentially unknown but if I had to guess probably in 15-19% zone. I'll input caliper readings to have a more objective number to look at but I'm fairly lean (compared to an average person) though and generally happy with my physique it's all good there.

I'm very well versed in tracking calories when dieting and most days I mentally track protein intake in my head regardless of what I'm doing.

I've decided to go a more free-form dieting style as I find tracking calories a BIT of a pain and it makes me obsess about food more than I would normally, or stress out about not eating enough if I've went too low (if I'm at 1400 calories before bed but not hungry I'd probably make another meal so my muscles don't fall off lol).

I've a good feel for eyeballing the calorie count of most things so I'd know if I was eating a dangerous food for a cutter and I have reasonable food control in my everyday life. I can let my bulks get sloppy, eat an odd candy bar too often and have portion control issues but otherwise I'm in a good place and can tighten these things up without much hassle.

I'm likely NOT going to count calories at all during this cut so I won't be posting meal plans or macro totals but I'll post workout info and my thoughts on the experience. I'll input the guidelines I'll be adopting for this period explicitly later today, but the most important will be to follow actual hunger signals. I've a few more guidelines apart from this but that's a start.
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