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Unread 11-07-2018, 02:31 AM
DetachedLad DetachedLad is offline
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Default 3 per week program. opinions?

I'm an intermediate lifter, M, 29yo.

My 1RM best squat is 1.6x bodyweight, deadlift is 1.7x bodyweight, and BP is 1.2x bodyweight.

Any opinions on this program I plan to implement soon? I will do a 4-month bulk January through April. I can afford to train 3x per week. I have the T-Rex look and I really want to fix that, so I'll focus on upper body development.

My main concern is whether the total volume is sufficient. I read a few articles, including this one.

  • bench press 5x5, 3' rest
  • chest flies 2x10, 2'
  • lateral raise 2x10, 2'
  • arnold press 2x10, 2'
  • tricep extensions 2x10, 2'

  • deadlift 2x5, 3'
  • yates row 5x5, 3'
  • curls 3x10, 1.30'
  • shrugs 3x10, 1.30'

  • military press 4x6-8, 3'
  • squats 5x5, 3'
  • seated dumbbell overhead press 4x10, 2'
  • incline dumbbell bench press 4x10, 2'
  • seated rows 3x12, 2'

thank you!
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