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Unread 06-01-2008, 02:52 AM
karega karega is offline
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Default Cat 2 PSMF Log


I am going to be starting a 4 week PSMF from tommorow!! Just thought i'd log my progress here for once...

Lil bit about me; Male, 21y.o., current weight = 82kg (180lb), 177cm tall, I rekcon my bodyfat is around 18-20%...but i have these skinfold calipers at home which tell me im at 10%...obviously something wrong here...dont think many people at 10% have a hanging gut!!!

I've always been overweight since birth...the heaviest i got up to was about 105kg (231lb)...that was in 2004. Have been losing weight ever since...I started off with a ketogenic diet and lost quite a bit, but for the last couple of months, I have been eating at maintenance....sitting at 82kg (180lb) consistantly

so the plan here is to do PSMF for 4 weeks, then take a 2 week break, then re-evaluate and do another 2 weeks on 2 weeks off until i get to the point of having a flat stomache (12-15% BF aparently). Once this is done, i'd say i'll do UD2.0 or something to put some muscle on...but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

The numbers for my diet beginning tommorow:

180g Protein (Egg Whites, Chicken Breast, Tuna,) divided into 3 meals
10g Fish oil
Spinach and Broccoli as far as the eye can see
oh..and 200-300mg Caffene

I will be taking Lyle's advice and doing a full body depletion workout tommorow morning (UD2.0 style)...then just doing a full body short duration workout every 3-4 days after that. I'll also add in 20-40mins of SS cardio...just walking or cycling, 2-4 times per week, depending on how i feel.

I will be having one free meal every 7 days, and a refeed every other 7 days.

So here goes...lets see if i can stick to it and finally have a flat stomache!!!
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Unread 06-02-2008, 03:16 AM
karega karega is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
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Default Day 1

ok so end of day 1...i did the full body depletion workout...took almost 2 hours...but got through it ok..

now im gonna rest for 3 days before doing a heavy/low rep workout like the book recommends.

Diet wise; ;

meal 1 - Steamed Chicken Breast (52g Pro), Boiled Spinach, and ff cottage Cheese (10g Pro) + 3 fish oil caps and 200mg caffene and water. Put some tobasco sauce on the chicken, but that was it for seasoning etc. I had 600mg of Magnesium too.

meal 2 - Same as Meal 1

meal 3 - before bed i had some WPI (30g Pro, 2g Cho, 2g fat) + 1200 mg of Calcium tablets, 5g Glutamine, 600mg Magnesium, and 2 generic multi vitamins.

I woke up late today so didnt reach my nutrition goals...had only 2 proper meals instead of 3...ahh well...

interesting note - i used ketostix tonite just to see if anything happend...and suprisingly it went dark usually takes me at least 2 days to get there...

also not hungry at all throughout the day.

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Unread 06-03-2008, 02:01 AM
karega karega is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 3
Default Day 2

End of day 2... here's how it went..

Weighed myself this morning, was 80.5kg (177.1lb) im down 1.5kg (3.3lb) since yesterday...i know its all water...but who still happy...progress right??

Meal 1 - Steamed Chicken Breast (52g Pro), Cottage Cheese (10g Pro), Boiled Spinach + 1200mg Calcium, 600mg Magnesium, 300mg Caffene, 1 multi vitamin, Fish Oil

Meal 2 - Grilled Fish (60g Pro) + Fish Oil

Meal 3 - Same as Meal 1 + Fish oil, 600mg Calcium, 600mg Magnesium, and multi

Drank Lots of water throughout the day. Wasnt hungry at all either...which is suprising.

I know i said i wouldnt do any exercise till thursday...but this morning i did some light cardio with a friend.

Used keto stix again today...just for kicks...(and something cool to pee on)...and turned dark pink.

Thats pretty much it!!!
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