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Unread 11-06-2017, 05:48 PM
midwesterner85 midwesterner85 is offline
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Default Losing LBM & Gaining BF on RFL

I've been following the Rapid Fat Loss as a Category 2 for the past 2 weeks and have been gaining body fat and losing lean mass. Should I switch to category 1 instead and do that until I see results - basically do a category 2 and skip free meals and re-feeds? Should I stop eating vegetables?

Some relevant information:
-I have type 1 diabetes and must calculate the proper amount of insulin to take for higher protein intake in order to cause muscle protein synthesis, but not cause hypoglycemia. I've been mostly successful with this, except have had some high blood glucose results (BG's) where I took too little insulin and gluconeogenesis occurred. Correcting the BG later likely caused fat creation.

-For 20 months prior to starting this plan, I ate low carb and then at ketogenic levels of carbs; ultimately reaching nearly 0g of carb intake with a primarily carnivorous diet for 3 months prior to switching to this plan. I did, however, resume eating green vegetables when starting the RFL plan. Perhaps I should have stuck with a carnivorous diet only.

-I'm measuring body fat % and lean body mass using an Omron bio-electrical impedence scale using 4 contact points (2 hands, 2 feet). I realize it is not considered to be very accurate, but I look for consistency and trends. When I did a Dexa scan earlier this year, the Omron scale was 0.3% higher than the Dexa results. I use this scale every day and track the numbers except when traveling (rarely). During the 2 weeks since starting RFL, my average body fat % has been 2.9% higher than the 2 weeks prior. This is despite that I have actually lost about 4 lbs. - which calculates out that I've lost lean mass and gained fat. I have another Dexa scheduled on 12/30/17.

-Prior to starting RFL, I ran 4 times weekly and lifted weights 2 times weekly. I'm taking a break from exercise as suggested.
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