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Unread 09-04-2019, 01:56 AM
Tcrazyjam Tcrazyjam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
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Default RFL Log


first of all big thanks to lyle for his substantial work on all relevant topics. He is not a guy who goes with the trend and hypes, and i appreciate it.

So i tend to trust him in his work, but i am allways critical to all knowledge.

So i will just summarize my success rate.

I began rfl at august 29, 98,5 kg and 104 cm waist
. sorry, for not metric readers, = 217 lbs

today morning i only get 97,4 Kg = 215 lbs. So i only lose 2 lbs/1 week.

I want to lose 15 Kg = 33 LBS.

Now there is a little dirty problem. At november 25 religous fasting begins, so its vegan. You cannot do rfl easily as vegan, so it will be high carb.

And its 12 weeks and 5 days until this date. So metabolically at 25-28% it will be a very hard job to fight those 12 weeks! I guess 12 weeks are for persons with 40% BF like you have in the states, right.

So I thought: Well, lets do 7 weeks, 2 weeks DB, than 4 Weeks again = almost 11 weeks. So its better than have those metabolically bad adaptions. With 11 weeks and a bad fat loss rate ( lets say 1kg/week), i will lose ~12 kg, lets assume db will bring my weight up.

We have to calculate bad not positive, so we will not be disapointed. Plus after cycle 1 i will be category 2. So let me be clear: I work with my biology not against it. My RMR will decline, because mass will lower. I am 100% sure, lyle would think its good too.

So everything is planing boys and girls. So after those cycles (first one more difficult than 2= only 4 weeks) i will do vegan for over 40 days until orthodoxian christmas at january 7th. Maybe i will fly to jerusalem to hostel to my californian friend there.

So Sorry, i drank to much green tea! But you know what, also my german Boarduser say "ohh no, he is crazy again" - and you know what i will stay crazy, because its my log, and its about feeling free to share not ONLY facts and informations, but also and especially your feelings with this diet. If you feel good with lifestyle stress it will help to mantain.

And to mantain diet is key to sucess as 90% of dieters with all diets (regardless of short or long) regain weight (=>>> so fat cell becomes bigger or more << very bad thing)

. But now back to the facts: Vegan 40 days right. OK lets calculate the RFL will help me to lose 10 kg = 87 KG.
And 93 cm Waist.

I love to have 80 KG and 85 CM Waist. Got it?

So 7 KG left with vegan over 40 days. We all know that after cylce 2 i have to do DB for 1 week or 2 since cycle 2 is only 4 weeks. So lets say i have 1 months. And lets say i will do 5:2 fasting with vegan too.

So i will just drink vegan shakes with berries on fasting days and soups and minerals. Good thing: metabolically spoken my body is adapted to ketosis a while so fasting will be easy. So lets say i lose 1 kg/week, so i will get here 4-5 Kg and will be :

83 KG + 87 cm on 7 JANUARY 2020 = Jesus born

I am surprised why the water does not go away from my body. But as i knew lyle article about wooshes :

I have to read again.

But as i remind he write the first 3-4 weeks there are those adaptions. Before this diet i ate 1000 calories more than that, but was beginning to diet.

If i am right, the water goes down further next days. So i have only to wait and aim my macros. Right?

I will tell you daily progress.

So far i loved Lyles Routine, full body workout. I do exactly the routine described. What i love about it?
Its so short and glycogensparing, i feel no tireness. I Thought wow, i have done nothing, but i have progressed with my weight loaded on the bar.

So everything perfect, david go home.

So thats my name, David See you!

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Unread 09-04-2019, 02:54 AM
Tcrazyjam Tcrazyjam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 37


i read the article. So its about the process while fat cells lose their tricyglerides and filled with water. Some people tend to water retention (like women), but me too!


- i take high amounts potassiumchloride hexyhydrate (50% potassium), i guess 4 gram/day = 2 gram potassium, whilest i eat much veggies (~500-800 g/Day) along with my protein
- i drink chronically much fluid/water , maybe 5-6 L/day
- i use a lot of salt, seems not be enough now (see waterintake)
- i use creatine
- i take ziprasidone against my bipolar II (since 2 weeks i became a little bit anxious, medication started 9th july)

So many factors to say that i retent much much much more water than the average healthy guy. And i have experience with this phenomen for years. I also have water my kidney, but doctor said its normal. I guess its because of chronically drinking too much water! I was examined for drinking illness called diabetis insipidus, it means the cause of drinking to much is a failure in hypotalamus. But my problem ist psycholigical of drinking to much fluids.

therefore my minerals in blood was never at a good level and i guess it was the cause of bad experience with dieting and ESPECIALLY ketogenics. But this stuff is for professionals, to understand. I think lyle could understand this for example!

Here is the point:

So the psychological impact of water retention and mantaininig the diet (because of lack of motivation) is high and i cannot ignore it. In FACT this phenomen is the cause of most of my JOJO in the past.
So i have to take water retention very serious! because there are psychological mechanism that tend to come back to you in a long, very long, dieting time.
(its not 100% motivation, we have subconcious mind too) - So there is a big concern for myself to act! And i will act immediatly without becoming hysterious!

*****WHAT CAN I DO******

1. ---> Lowering fluids/Water Intake to 2,5-3,5 L (as doctor in hospital told me its better)

2. ---> trash creatine

3. ---> lowering potassium chloride to 3 gr/day equals 1,5 g supplemental potassium

4. ---> salt, since (1.) is fixed and lowered, the natrium/salt amount could be ok in blood serum.

5. ---> if those actions will not help, i will tell my doctor on 12 september regarding ziprasidone (i think it could be medication)

*****HOW CAN I DO IT*****

I have a hydrator = 2 L. Every morning i will put 3 gr potassiumchloride (~ 1,5 gram potassium) and 5 gr magnesium chloride (~ 600 mg) plus calcium (~400 mg).

Most of the time i drink coffee/grean tea at morning with 700 ml Fluids = 2.7 L, i also use fibres/protein to fill my stomach and drink again 700 ml with it.
So we have 1,5 L + 2 L = 3.5 L


I have to only to drink fluids with hydrator. 1 Shake extra is allowed, beverage (Coffee/grean tea) too. This things could stabilze my minerals in bloodserum and therefore my nitrogen balance and mantain muscle mass! But beyond that it will help to see progress on and on and not be weak in my psychology! While i trash creatine, maybe i will lose power.


I will track my fluids and fill my gallon hydrator!!!!!!

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Unread 09-05-2019, 08:58 AM
Tcrazyjam Tcrazyjam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 37

I feeling week and my libido is 0. Maybe i should eat a carbmeal after training tomorrow.

Weight is 97.0 Kg (-1.5 Kg in 1 week)
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Unread 09-08-2019, 05:54 AM
Tcrazyjam Tcrazyjam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 37

-2.2kg in 10 days
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