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Unread 02-16-2018, 10:49 AM
jimike jimike is offline
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Default jimi's 8 week diet log. RFL and other diet approaches

Hi all,

I've started a short period of dieting again for a recent holiday in 8 weeks time.
My rough plan is too have it start with two weeks RFL (possibly longer depending on progress/how I feel) before moving onto a more moderate diet until the seven week mark when I'll do a return to maintenance eating period. I may stop the diet sooner if I reach a physique goal I'm happy with. I'm fairly experienced in dieting and done RFL a few times before but I generally favour more moderate approaches.

I've went on a bulk gone bad recently so emergency measures are called for lol. A goal of somewhere close to 14lbs lost in 8 weeks is my IDEAL plan but even if I don't full reach that goal however far along I get will be worth it. I'm just going to focus on the process a day at a time and not stress too much about weight loss predictions and the like. I will end up where I'll end up. I'm more tied to improved appearance rather than an actual number.


36 year old male. 6 ft and weighed 99kg a few days ago in an evening weighing after eating lots of food and drink so my scale weight was a bit elevated. I suspect I'm around 96/97kg normally (my morning numbers last week).

Using a few maintenance calculators and Lyle's method I generally have a calorie need per day of between 2700-3000 calories per day give or take.

My bodyfat percentage I find really, really, really hard to estimate. If I had to guess I'd say a high teens number say 17-20%. I feel I look relatively lean I feel compared to an average person and have okay levels of muscle and favorable fat distribution patterns so I dunno.

Using the data in RFL book.

I have 99kg bodyweight @ 18% bf= 81kg LBM.
I'm category two definitely and an intermediate weight trainer to my protein goal is 1.25g per lb of LBM.

My LBM is 81kg (or 178lbs) *1.25g=222g protein per day goal (give or take).
This means my calories from protein are 222gx4 cal per gram= 888 calories per day plus fish oil, workout carbs, incidental calories from veg/milk in coffee etc. So yeah pretty low in 1000 calorie range I suspect.

Following the book I have also ONE free meal per week and ONE FIVE HOUR REFEED to look forward to also.

Today is DAY 1 and I'm ok so far. I'll record my targets, whether I've hit them and scale weight and so on in the future and likely post bf% pics again. Wish me luck :-)

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Unread 02-17-2018, 11:50 AM
jimike jimike is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 116

Day 1 complete.

Calorie total including veg and other incidentals was.about 1300 calories approximately with 220g of protein.

Hunger wasn't really an issue today. Chicken breast and veg meals are really satisfying I find.

My scale weight on morning of day two is 96kg. I feel pretty flat in my physique but that's to be expected I think when my glycogen stores go down.

I'm halfway through day two with most of my calories still to eat. I've a gym session which I will go super low volume and just do a reverse pyramid training style of bench workout (had leg day two days ago).
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Unread 02-22-2018, 06:23 AM
jimike jimike is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 116

Day 7.

For the last few days I've NOT been on RFL as I had a fairly large allergic reaction to something (I have no idea what it was, possibly wheat but that seems unlikely to cause that reaction). I've had these reactions loads of times before and seen my doctor but I'm still no closer to finding the cause.

it wasn't life threatening or anything only cosmetic and made me feel crappy. My face and lips were very swollen and I had to take lots of super strong anti-histamines that put me to sleep. I felt like my cortisol levels were really high too as I was unusually stressed. I didn't think it was wise to continue dieting in these circumstances so I stopped and ate more normal (aka worst case was maintenance or touch above). Today has been the first day I've actually felt normal so I'll get on RFL again tomorrow.

I'm a possible for the gym tonight but I may leave it another day to be sure.

Counting up my remaining days left to the holiday I have EXACTLY 8 weeks to lose 10lbs-14lbs or so (less than ten would be fine also) so I still have a reasonable amount of time for a hard cut.

My plan still stands. A 2-6 week RFL then moderate diet (if only do a short RFL) with hopefully a two week maintenance phase at the end to reset my hormones.
I'd ideally like to use RFL for only two weeks to get a headstart on my diet then do a nice a relaxing milder cut to my deadline but we'll see.

I'll keep this log up to date here on out :-)
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Unread 03-12-2018, 07:25 AM
jimike jimike is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 116

I've not been posting for a bit as I've been more flexibly dieting 'intuitive eating' if you like with daily eyeballing protein and calorie amounts.

I've been adopting good habits, eating a touch more lean sources, lessening carbs a bit, trying to respond to actual hunger signals and I've been implementing a mindful eating strategy (I heard abel csabai discuss in his SSD podcast) where I am paying attention to the food as I'm eating it as historically I just shovel food in my face the fastest out of anyone i've ever met. I'm a huge fan of mindfulness generally and mediate on occasion so it was interesting. It seems beneficial, it automatically makes me eat slower and I DO find i enjoy the food more as I'm more aware of the taste/texture etc.

My weight loss using this approach has been fine. I'm currently at about 93.5kg-94kg down from ~96kg/97kg four weeks ago. I've been stalled for a bit so I expect a bit more to fall off soon. My scale averages are showing a solid trend downwards though and other indicators of weight loss are very obvious (going down belt sizes, leaning up certain areas). So all is going well.

Lifting is going well generally and apart from the last two workouts. I'll be deloading in a few days for a week so that should help. If I start my next months training feeling not recovered i'll lower the volume but I'm trying not to do that until I HAVE to.

I feel good about my weight loss progress as it's been fairly effortless. I may implement a cheeky week of an RFL at some point but i'll see. I may just keep coasting as I am more than likely.
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