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Unread 12-04-2018, 07:23 AM
rbuntyn rbuntyn is offline
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Default Post Diet Water Retention

Hello, I have just come off 8 weeks of UD 2.0.
I did the 7 day cycle for 6 weeks and the 14 cycle the last 2 weeks as a final push. I slightly modified it as suggested before by lyke due tk my midnight shift work schedule.

Days 1-4: Low Cal/Low Carb, depletion on mon/tues, cardio on wed/thurs
Day 5: morning Tension plus begin Carb Load
Day 6: finish carb load and power workout, switch to 20% deficit
Day 7: 20% deficit, cardio

26yo male, 61

Starting Weight: 222
Starting BF: 14ish %
Ending Weight (before Carbup): 206
Ending BF (before carbup):10ish %

I was essentially eating around 1400 cals on the low days and had a 1200gram carbup.

Now that I finished the diet, my last carb up (friday) ended up with me shooting up to 218 by monday. Since then, it has been about 3 weeks, and I am still sitting around 220 with noticable water retention. Yes there is the muscle fullness, but I feel bloated and soft in the face and have swollen feeling fingers.

I also stopped the EC stack before my last carb up and have been taking creatine 5g daily.

I read the Addendum, and have been trying to average my calories to approximately 2700 cals per day and around 200-300 carbs depending on day.

Has anyone else experienced holding on to water weight this long? I wanted to do a final dexa scan, but I dont want to go all bloated. So far I have tried increased water intake, reduced sodium with some electrolytes every once in a while. I recently have tried taking dandelion root.

I was hoping to settle around 210 or 215 and not all the way back up to my previous weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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