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Unread 08-05-2017, 07:13 AM
lylemcdonald lylemcdonald is offline
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Originally Posted by ssg10587 View Post
To add, there is a discussion around fire basically being one of the best inventions ever for this very reason.

Would recommend for anyone interested:
Yes, I've read it.

Somewhat large question but any thoughts on why so many anti-science diets propagate so much? For example, paleo, raw food, fear of meat/carbs/fats, etc.

It sure seems like the more advanced we get, the more you get people who vehemently deny scientific evidence and use anecdotal evidence to create these fad diets.
Because a lot of stupidity sounds logical to the uninformed

Raw diet is based on the idea that the food is LIVE and has ENZYMES whiaht are destroyd in cookie.

Paleo has some science behind it. As far back as the 80's

There IS data, not great data, that excess meat is related to some health problems. People cherry pick studies that agree and ignore that it's multi-factorial.

Vegan/vegetarian pick on the fact that, yes, higher fruit/vegetable intakes are good. Most don't eat enough. But they think that people either eat all meat or no meat. Lotta ethical stuff behind this too. Gotta be nice to those deliciuos delicious animals.

So they aren't comparable. Raw goes aginst all available science. So does food combining. So does a lot of stupidity. Paleo, reducing charred fatty red meat and others are based on some science that gets taken out of the big picture.

Bigger answer why: peolpe are stupid, it's why they do everything - homer Simpson.
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Unread 08-05-2017, 10:16 AM
ssg10587 ssg10587 is offline
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Originally Posted by david View Post
Excellent book!
Originally Posted by lylemcdonald View Post
Yes, I've read it.

Because a lot of stupidity sounds logical to the uninformed....
Bigger answer why: peolpe are stupid, it's why they do everything - homer Simpson.
Glad you both enjoyed it! Found it very cool. And thanks Lyle for the detailed answer, makes sense. Older I get, more sense Homer seems to make
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