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Unread 12-12-2017, 12:47 AM
funkord funkord is offline
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Default Nut butters/fat and high palatability

Hi Folks.
I was observing my relationship with different kinds of food lately, especially in terms of what I crave and why but also how I perceive taste and palatability of foods. Ohne thing that strikes me is how much I love nut butters, peanut, almond, pistacchio you name it... the feeling when eating them is pleasure pure and resembles commercials of food where they try to depict how well tasting a food is with facial expressions etc. from what I understand palatability is especially an issue with high sugar-high fat-high salt combinations, but Even with minimally processed nut butters with minimal sugar or salt, the taste is overwhelming. Now I would not mind this because there are worse foods to eat in terms of health, but the calorie count and the reinforcement "just one more spoon" is not very conducive to calorie deficit and reducing BF.
Does anybody feel like this with nut butters or high fat foods for that matter?
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Unread 12-12-2017, 01:41 AM
squat squat is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2013
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I like nut butters, too. I think a lot of it is sticky-full mouth feel and umami. They also contain some carbs and protein - not only fat. It's a perfect storm.

Also, roasted nuts have some dopely distributed caramelization going on. Super tasty for humans.

You should make nut-based vinaigrettes, and get fat on salad. Good times

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Unread 12-12-2017, 03:33 AM
Hectic's Avatar
Hectic Hectic is offline
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I'd rather feel satisfied all day, than feel hungry all day because I wasted my intake on 30 sec worth of taste

IMO fats only increase satiety if your having them with carbs and protein and your eating a decent amount on average

If your dieting peanut butter will do about as much for your satiety as air or water

Edit: take that back water probably does more for my hunger than peanut butter. Not saying I don't eat it on a diet, but when I do notably feel hungrier and more exhausted and regret it

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Unread 12-12-2017, 06:12 AM
w1cked w1cked is offline
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I love these but avoid them now. Like a cookie, very hard to stop at a reasonable qty. Almond butter is seriously hard to stop eating. Freshly ground peanut and honey butter..god i have gone thru 1500 cals+ in minutes
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Unread 12-12-2017, 08:06 AM
loc loc is offline
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Were it not for nut butters I'd honestly probably be at least 5 pounds leaner. There have been way too many times that I've lost it for just a few minutes and consumed an absurd amount of calories. I have to stay away.
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Unread 12-12-2017, 05:12 PM
Liberty's Avatar
Liberty Liberty is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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I am the same way! I can have nut butter in the house with no problem; I only get a twinge of craving if I'm making my kids a PB&J or something. But once I taste a little ... man, all bets are off. I can't get satisfied until I've had a massive amount.

I'm not great about "just one taste" with most things, but the reaction does seem to be way out of proportion compared to other fatty, delicious foods. I'm Certainly I get very little satiety for the calories, whether at the time I'm eating or in the hours afterwards.

Sometimes I ponder trying some kind of crazy "jar of peanut butter and a multivitamin a day" diet to see if I could just eat so much I get bored with it and it loses its mystique. But I'm pretty sure I'd double my bodyweight and then find out it doesn't even work.
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Unread 12-13-2017, 05:51 PM
holly70 holly70 is offline
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Location: Michigan
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I relate to this subject.

I was a fat chick (260 pounds @ 5'6) that didn't eat that much. Really.

Never have impressed people with an ability to eat large portions of food.

After being into the whole weighing and tracking food thing for a while I guesstimated what used to be my daily breakfast - a couple of cups of coffee w/hazelnut coffee creamer, then later 2 slices of wheat toast w/peanut butter and a glass of 2% milk. Impressive, right?

Calculated out at about 800 calories; 39 g fat, 29 g protein, and 80 g carbs.

Most days would be a sandwich with some chips for lunch maybe, a little something in the afternoon (a few cookies maybe?), then dinner with the family and could be some popcorn watching tv at night.

I barely maintain in the normal BMI range around 1600 - 1800 calories a day with a lot of exercise.
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Unread 01-04-2018, 05:56 AM
manofsteel manofsteel is online now
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 80

Originally Posted by holly70 View Post

I was a fat chick (260 pounds @ 5'6) that didn't eat that much. Really.

I barely maintain in the normal BMI range around 1600 - 1800 calories a day with a lot of exercise.
This is incredibly impressive that you got so overweight and now maintain normal BMI. Very few people do that. Hopefully I will be one of them soon.
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